Saturday, January 10, 2009


In case you're unable to tell by my other blog, my favourite hobby is knitting.

Why knitting? I hear you ask. Isn't that reserved for old women who have nothing better to do?

Bite your tongue (or I might stab it with my DPN!)

Knitting is incredibly soothing. It can take me down from wanting to shake my 6 year old until her teeth rattle to being able to say "that's nice darling". It helps me relax after a long, hard day at work. It can help me to not want to strangle the smelly 18 year old sitting next to me on the train with appalling music blaring loudly enough from his headphones to give him industrial deafness even though he's never set foot inside a factory.

Knitting is also an amazing act of alchemy. I make things that can be used, that can keep people warm, that can dress a baby, with a couple of sticks and a bit of string. Knitting helps me to be a better person, and also allows me to help people in a unique way. Most of my knitting is for charity - beanies and scarves for the homeless, toys for children in domestic shelters or who have been in a traumatic situation, premmie baby clothes ... the list goes on. So not only does knitting make me a better person by helping me to be more patient and achieve a sense of calm, but it allows me to be a better person by helping other people.

Frankly, knitting rocks. And how many people did you last help when you were undertaking your own hobby?